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ThunderGround SUMMER SALE!

Our SUMMER SALE starts now and ends August 1! We will be adding items each week! For now, here are two BIG sales:

*SOFTCOVER and HARDCOVER collected editions/graphic novels/tradepaperbacks are on sale for 20% OFF!

*Warmachine Hordes MODELS and BOOKS are 20% OFF!

Keep an eye out for upcoming specials!

Announcements Comics DC Comics

“Dark Knight Rises” Trailer Is Up!

This is Director Christopher Nolan’s closing chapter on  everyone’s favourite DC comic character. Set for July 20, 2012 the movie takes place 8 years after the final moments of “The Dark Knight“.

What’s happened in the mean time?

Enter villain (this time around a terrorist): Bane, played by Tom Hardy.  Also making an appearance is Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, Catwoman!

Naturally, details are pretty sparse at the moment, I wish I had more info for you, but check out the trailer and the IMDB link below!


Announcements Comics DC Comics Marvel Comics

Comic Quiz!

Take the comic quiz!

Blaine has put together a very challenging comicbook quiz. Just follow the link and click on either “Marvel” or “DC” to take that specific quiz!


Blaine informed me earlier that I scored 75% on the Marvel quiz, I’m sure there are people out there that can beat that!

If you’re familiar with the Marvel universe, give it a try (and if you can remember the day and time you took the test, I can ask Blaine how you did!)


Roy Kim