The Value Of A Virtual Item?

Whoever said that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” should be playing World Of Warcraft!

Last week, Lillian purchased a box of boosters of “Fires Of Outland” and funny thing: she pulled a Loot card, Spectral Tiger (the one pictured up top). Loot cards are ultra rares that have a scratch area on the face of the card- the scratch area has a special redemption code that you can use to get exclusive ingame (virtual) items for the World of Warcraft computer game. The odds of pulling a loot card in a booster pack are approximately 1:96 packs (or roughly 1 in 4 booster boxes). Now, I’ve openned about 8 boxes (of Heroes Of Azeroth, Dark Portal, and Fires Of Outland total) and I have not pulled a single loot card, yet Corey (one of the regular youngsters) has pulled 5- that’s right FIVE! Not all loot cards are all that expensive- Lando Longshot (loot) doesn’t really match up to our good friend the Spectral Tiger (loot) dollar-wise.

Guess this just begs the question: are virtual items really worth all that much? Now, if you played the game, I dunno maybe four hours every day, then sure- $425 US for a new toy may just be worth it. I’m sure most of the people that come by the store here have spent at least that much on their computers or their gaming consoles (XBOX 360, PS3. Wii, etc), so why not pay that much for an ingame item?

Anyways, I’m rambling… Congrats to Lillian on her great pull and congrats to Corey on all of his great pulls!

Here’s her auction page: