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How We Are Going To Sell “From The Vault: Annihilation”



It’s THAT time of year again- where the good people at Wizards Of The Coast (WOTC) release the latest From The Vault (FTV) gift set!

You may not know this, but FTV is an extremely LIMITED item; a lot of people have called and asked to preorder it from me, but truth to tell: we have zero control over how many of this item we can get. In all honesty, we are given an allocation (small quantity) based on the number of events we host with no chance of getting more (absolute zero). So, there is no way we can accept preorders if we can’t get the number we need to fill them- does this make sense to you? This is the way FTV has always been distributed- this is nothing new unfortunately =(

So, what’re we going to do with our allocation?

We’re going to sell them for the MSRP to our loyal and supporting customers based on:

1. Magic Prerelease Attendance since the previous FTV came out: this includes Theros, Born Of The Gods, Journey Into Nyx, and Magic 2015 prereleases AND

2. Booster Box Preorders of each set since the previous FTV came out: this includes Theros, Born Of The Gods, Journey Into Nyx, and Magic 2015 AND

3. All Other Purchases Made Here

We’ve used the same criteria for each and every FTV that have come out. And right now, you probably know if I’ll have a FTV for you this year or not just by looking at the above criteria. We want to make our supporters happy- they support us and this is the least we can do for them. If there are any extra gift set(s), I plan on hosting either a booster draft or sealed event in September for it where it will be given away as a RANDOM prize.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email ([email protected]) or drop by when there isn’t an event going on. Please no phone calls (sorry but anyone that calls will be referred to this message and given my email).

I’ll be contacting everyone that I have a FTV for early next week, and our shipment should be in by Friday, August 22.

Thanks for reading!

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Hope everyone got everything they asked for!

If not… we have a sale for you!

Our annual BOXING WEEKEND SALE  starts Friday, December 27 @ 12 noon!

Don’t miss out! See you HERE!




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Christmas Is Saved! “Invincible Iron Man” Heroclix Is Here!


Nothing says “Christmas” like shipping delays!

At this time of year, I think people have almost come to expect the worst.

And here we are.

After a full week of delays, our “Invincible Iron Man” Heroclix shipment has arrived!

Most admit, I feel really fortunate to have a GREAT GROUP OF REGULARS that have a seemingly endless supply of patience and understanding. Delivery dates came and went (without delivery), connections were missed (Purolator status: “Missed Connection”), and snow: lots and lots of snow happened. But, our players stuck by me and I really do appreciate that. To make it up to you, I’m going to do my best to get all of my preorder accounts one Power Source for their Mandarin Rings!

Thanks go out to all of sales reps and distributors- thank you for your patience with me and all of your shipping updates- I know I must’ve been a real nuisance calling and emailing you everyday asking for more info. Sorry and thank you, guys!

So, our “Invincible Iron Man” Launch Party has been pushed back to tomorrow: Thursday, November 28 @ 6 PM!

See you all, HERE! =)

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Warhammer 40K *ARENA 1* Sunday, November 3, 2013 @ 10 AM




After our dry run, we’re ready to start a new tournament series for Warhammer 40K!

Hope you can come and play in our inaugural Warhammer 40K ARENA this Sunday, November 3, 2013 @ 10 AM!

Here’s our writeup:

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*STEAMROLLER 16* Saturday, November 2, 2013 @ 10 AM: 50 Points (2 Lists)!





Hope to see you here, Saturday, November 2, 2013 @ 10 AM with your 50 point armies (2 lists)!

For the full write-up, please hop on over to our event sheet found here:

Warmachine *STEAMROLLER* Tournaments

Thanks for reading and please register (with your 2 lists) via email before Friday night!

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[Calgary] “Breast Cancer Brawl” A Knock-Out!


We’re Back!

It was great see everyone from Calgary, Red Deer, and Lethbridge yesterday at the “Breast Cancer Brawl“!

Big shout out and special thanks to the hosts and organizers: The COGS (especially, Brynn Holdstock and Mike Farago- pictured above) for putting together this incredible fund raiser event! They raised approx $3500 CAN for Cancer Research in one day!

Here’re a few pictures from the day!

The GROTS (Red Deer) and the COGS (Calgary) are planing more events and I will do my best to post them and promote them in Edmonton! Hope you can come and support them too!


Cam (Red Deer Press Ganger) and Gerry (from the GROTS, Red Deer’s Warmachine Community)


From left to right: Dorian, Mike W, Josh, Mike R, and Christian (all from Edmonton)


from left to right: Kevin, James, Cory, Tyler, and Gord (all from Red Deer)

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JOURNEYMAN (JML4) Starts Today!



Calling all Warmachine Hordes players in Edmonton and surrounding areas!

Journeyman Season 4 starts today @ 6 PM!

Journeyman is an entry level league designed to get new players into the game and ready for more events!

All players (new or veteran) are welcome to come and play!

Here’s our write-up:

Journeyman (JML4)

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FROM THE VAULT (FTV) 20 Arrives August 23!




Our FTV20 shipment is expected to arrives this August 23, 2013 and we wil be selling it for the Canadian MSRP! For those of you who are not familiar with this product, FTV is a premium gift set that comes out once a year (at the end of Summer) and has some of the best cards ever printed- and a special preview card for the set coming out later in the Fall!

But there’s a problem: Wizards Of The Coast (WOTC) has made this an EXTREMELY rare item. Despite what people think, I cannot ask WOTC for the quantity that I need, they just give me what’s called an “Allocation.” This Allocation isn’t enough for everyone here- not even close. So, what’re we going to do???

As always with limited release items, we NEVER take preorders or sell them first-come, first-serve. NEVER. That would be a disservice to all of those people who come here and support me. Our entire shipment will be distributed among all those people who:

1. Play In Our Prerelease, Launch, Game Day, AND POSTrelease events

2. Place Preorders For Magic Boosters Box Whenever A New Set Is Released

3. Make All Of Their Other Purchases Here

Unfortunately, if you don’t meet all 3 of the above criteria, then I’m very sorry but I can’t help you. If you just started playing Magic here in say Dragon’s Maze, but weren’t here for the other sets that were released before the previous FTV, then I’m very sorry again but I won’t have a FTV20 for you. If you only play in our FREE FNM events or play/order product on an irregular basis, I’m sorry but there are too many people that meet the above requirement that are ahead of you on our list. If you purchase Warhammer or Warmachine here and only recently started playing Magic (Dragon’s Maze), I do appreciate your support I cannot ignore the purchases of others who have done everything I’ve asked and more.

This is not meant to read as a slight to anyone, nor is it meant to create a distinction or class structure among our customer base. The reality is: we don’t have enough to go around, so we’re going to make sure the people that have gone out of their way to support me (see #1, 2, and 3) get product so they will continue to come back and do so. It’s just that simple- there is no malice in what I’m doing- I’m trying my best to make sure our doors stay open and not upset anyone that I do not have to.

Thank you for reading.

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Journeyman Season 3 (JML3) Starts Thursday, August 1 @ 6 PM!

SteelheadPatches Journeyman


Hope you’re as eager as I am to start a new Journeyman season!

JML are the single, best way to get started into Warmachine!

We will award Game Points for wins/losses, Hobby Points for our weekly Painting Challenge, and collecting votes for Best Sportsman!

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

You can download the rules and format here:

Journeyman 3 (JML3)

Or join our FaceBook Group: “Edmonton Warmachine Hordes” and find our info in the “files” section!

Thanks and see you here!