God bless the good people at Wizkids/Neca!

If you’ve ever had any interest in this game NOW is the time to start!

We’ve finished our January Infinity Gauntlet events and are ready to start Feb with a BANG!

We have two events: Sunday, Feb 19 at 4 PM and then on Tues, Feb 28 at 6 PM

Both events are 600 Point Armies constructed from the Modern Age where at least 300 points must be from the “Incredible Hulk” and/or “Superman” HeroClix sets.

(Modern Age: Batman: Alpha, Secret Invasion, Arkham Asylum, Hammer of Thor, HeroClix Classics (all), The Brave and the Bold, Blackest Night, Watchmen, Web of Spider-Man, Brightest Day, Jonah Hex, DC 75th Anniversary, Giant-Size X-Men, Captain America, DC75th, Supeman, Incredible Hulk)

Instead of running a single event, as suggested in the event documentation, we’ve decided to run two events and split the prize pool in half. So, we will give away two In-Betweeners at each event (one to First Place and one as a Random). We’re also giving away the Soul Gem as a participation prize!  The reason why we decided to split the prizes and run 2 events is because our HeroClix players aren’t able to meet on the same day- we’ve also seen a surge of new players so that’s the logic behind having a random prize.

Click on the above pictures to see the prizes!

Thanks for reading and see you at the games!


Roy Kim

February 7, 2012, 9:27 pm o'clock

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