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Amazing Spider-Man #700 (First Printings) Are Sold Out!

Amazing Spider-Man” #700 First Printings, scheduled to ship January 2, 2013, are completely SOLD OUT!

We will have a small shipment of Second Printing (set to arrive at the end of January), if you’d like a copy, please come by the store and prepay for one. Quantities are limited. Please, no phone calls.

Last weekend, we had our After Christmas Sale and we were very, very busy. We also received many, many phone calls for “Amazing Spider-Man” #700. I dealt with each request in the same way: I was open and honest- I told all who asked that “We’re sold out and could not get anymore First Printings.” Surprisingly enough some felt that if they asked me the SAME QUESTION multiple times over, it may yield a different answer. Very sorry, but if you ask me for something and I reply, “Sorry, I don’t have anymore- we’re completely sold out.” Asking me the same question (doesn’t matter how many times), isn’t going to get me to change my answer.

The reality is: we had a preorder which ended two months ago. We usually order a few extra copies, but those were quickly eaten up by some of our subscribers that missed the order deadline. We’re very sorry we couldn’t help you with this item.

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