After School Help Wanted




Afterschool Help Wanted:

Apply in person with your resume (please no phone calls)

Applicant(s) must have a positive attitude, be willing to learn, and be able to work from 3 PM to 5 PM Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Duties include: Cleaning, Restocking, Sales (customer service), and other Projects that may come up!

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Christmas Is Saved! “Invincible Iron Man” Heroclix Is Here!


Nothing says “Christmas” like shipping delays!

At this time of year, I think people have almost come to expect the worst.

And here we are.

After a full week of delays, our “Invincible Iron Man” Heroclix shipment has arrived!

Most admit, I feel really fortunate to have a GREAT GROUP OF REGULARS that have a seemingly endless supply of patience and understanding. Delivery dates came and went (without delivery), connections were missed (Purolator status: “Missed Connection”), and snow: lots and lots of snow happened. But, our players stuck by me and I really do appreciate that. To make it up to you, I’m going to do my best to get all of my preorder accounts one Power Source for their Mandarin Rings!

Thanks go out to all of sales reps and distributors- thank you for your patience with me and all of your shipping updates- I know I must’ve been a real nuisance calling and emailing you everyday asking for more info. Sorry and thank you, guys!

So, our “Invincible Iron Man” Launch Party has been pushed back to tomorrow: Thursday, November 28 @ 6 PM!

See you all, HERE! =)

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Comic Shipments Are In And Shipping Stabilizes!




I mean a whole week without comics! It’s unthinkable!

Well, the comic gods smile upon this week and everything has arrived (including the missing shipment from November 19)! So, this week we have a double dose of comic goodness!

Hope to see you all soon and thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

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Comicbook Shipping Delay: November 19, 2013!

Crying Baby


Just got an email from Diamond Comics (our distributor) stating the comic shipment scheduled to arrive Wednesday, November 20, 2013 has been tentatively delayed until Friday, November 22, 2013! =(

What happened was this: the truck that all of our comics were on got into an accident and the insurance company is holding onto the truck to assess damage. Diamond and everyone involved is doing the best that they can and this is a problem that ALL comic stores in Edmonton will have (not localized to just us).

Again, very sorry for the delay and hope to have all of the comics on Friday (but it may not be until Monday before they arrive).

Here is a link listing all of the delayed comics:

And, here is a copy of the email that got sent out to all Edmonton comic stores:



Dear Valued Diamond Customer:

The truck carrying this week’s shipment to the Edmonton drop point is
still being held by the insurance company to assess damage and the
safety of the vehicle.  We currently estimate that it will deliver to
Edmonton in time for customers to be able to pick-up sometime on Friday,
November 22.  Please be advised that this information is subject to
change and Diamond will email you with any new updates as we receive

If you receive store delivery via courier, our current estimations of
arrival dates means your shipment will not deliver until early next
week.  Therefore, if you would like to pick this shipment up at the drop
point (assuming the current Friday pick up estimation holds) so you have
it before the weekend please notify your customer service representative
and we can arrange that for you. 

If you have any questions please contact your Diamond customer service


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Warhammer 40K *ARENA 1* Sunday, November 3, 2013 @ 10 AM




After our dry run, we’re ready to start a new tournament series for Warhammer 40K!

Hope you can come and play in our inaugural Warhammer 40K ARENA this Sunday, November 3, 2013 @ 10 AM!

Here’s our writeup:

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*STEAMROLLER 16* Saturday, November 2, 2013 @ 10 AM: 50 Points (2 Lists)!





Hope to see you here, Saturday, November 2, 2013 @ 10 AM with your 50 point armies (2 lists)!

For the full write-up, please hop on over to our event sheet found here:

Warmachine *STEAMROLLER* Tournaments

Thanks for reading and please register (with your 2 lists) via email before Friday night!

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[Calgary] “Breast Cancer Brawl” A Knock-Out!


We’re Back!

It was great see everyone from Calgary, Red Deer, and Lethbridge yesterday at the “Breast Cancer Brawl“!

Big shout out and special thanks to the hosts and organizers: The COGS (especially, Brynn Holdstock and Mike Farago- pictured above) for putting together this incredible fund raiser event! They raised approx $3500 CAN for Cancer Research in one day!

Here’re a few pictures from the day!

The GROTS (Red Deer) and the COGS (Calgary) are planing more events and I will do my best to post them and promote them in Edmonton! Hope you can come and support them too!


Cam (Red Deer Press Ganger) and Gerry (from the GROTS, Red Deer’s Warmachine Community)


From left to right: Dorian, Mike W, Josh, Mike R, and Christian (all from Edmonton)


from left to right: Kevin, James, Cory, Tyler, and Gord (all from Red Deer)





We’ll be CLOSED for ONE DAY (Saturday, October 26) while we attend an event in Calgary!

Initially, I had planned to have one of our afterschool staff take the day, but that quickly fell through.

I apologize to anyone who was planning on dropping by (please send me a PM and we can work this out!).

See you when we get back on Sunday, October 27!

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JOURNEYMAN (JML4) Starts Today!



Calling all Warmachine Hordes players in Edmonton and surrounding areas!

Journeyman Season 4 starts today @ 6 PM!

Journeyman is an entry level league designed to get new players into the game and ready for more events!

All players (new or veteran) are welcome to come and play!

Here’s our write-up:

Journeyman (JML4)


Theros Prerelease Weekend!



Our Theros Prerelease is all set and ready to go!

Midnight Prerelease:

Read up on our Prerelease event here:

2HG sealed event at our Prereleases:

Our Launch one week after the Prerelease:

Our Game Day event:

Our POSTrelease: