Warmachine: “Shattered Grounds: Windless Wastes” Meeting 3:


What a day!

So glad everyone could make it out especially with all this snow.

Let’s finish off “Shatterred Grounds: Windless Wastes” with a BANG! Our FINALE is this Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 1 PM to 6 PM! During the previous 3 meetings, players would get to play with a single special ability granted to them depeding on which place they were fighting at. However at the FINALE, players will be using ALL of these abilities!

Neil put together a very interesting dea for another league! Basically, it’s a league format that would help new players get into the game- with each passing meeting, players would be able to slowly add points to their armies. So, everyone starts out very small (15 pts) and gradually adds more and more points. If you’re interested in playing, then please drop me a line!

Here’s a few quick pictures of meeting 3’s big match ups!



p2260048.jpg  p2260050.jpg  p2260051.jpg 

p2260061.jpg  p2260053.jpg  p2260057.jpg