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Steamroller 4: Saturday, November 26 at 12 Noon Edmonton St. Albert

Like iPhones and all things Apple, our Steamroller events have moved on (evolved?) into it’s latest, and I hope “best”, iteration: Steamroller 4.

Over the past 3 Steamrollers, we’ve learned a ton of stuff- we experimented and made changes to our system and over the course of time come up with a solid event system that I think works very well.

What can you look forward to? What does your $20 entry fee buy?

*3 rounds of play with random scenarios from the most current Steamroller document (revealed at the start of each round)

*Free lunch with 2 free cans of pop! It’s too cold to BBQ, so we’ll be cooking up meatball sandwiches!

*Prizes, Prizes, and more Prizes! Depending on the number of entrants we’ll have prizes for the Top 3; including Certificates and Trophies (min 16)! Random prizes (“Grind” Boardgame!)! Prizes for Best Sportsman (you can only vote for someone you previously played) and Best Painted Army!

Even if you’re a new player, you’re welcome to check us out!

We start at 12 noon and please register in advance (via email: [email protected]) by sending me your 2 lists of 50 point armies.




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