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It’s Official: GW Announces Entirely New Paint Line! 145 Colors!

I`ve always been a fan of the GW paint line: their metallics are amazing and their washes are just great!

I didn’t think they could make them better, but they did!

Get ready for 145 new colors:

*34 BASE (replaces their “Foundation” paint line)


*12 SHADES (replaces their “Washes“)

*4 GLAZES (translucent paint)

*15 DRY COMPOUND (specialized paint for dry brushing)


*4 PAINT FROM TECHNICAL RANGE (things like undercoat and Liquid Green Stuff)


You can catch up on everything here. make sure you watch the youtube video it explains almost everythign about the new changes:


I will have more info on price and arrival on Monday when my sales rep calls, so keep checking back.

If you were interested in getting the entire line right off the bat, pleae let me know and we can work out a price for you!


Roy Kim

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