Chaos War is here!


If you’re like everyone here, you just can’t get enough of the Avengers!

The good people at WIzKids have heard your cries and released an Avengers themed set: “Chaos War“!

Our Infinty Gauntlet events are set for Tuesday, July 17 and Tuesday, July 31 at 6 PM! Both of these events are Sealed Booster and 300 Point Army builds. They’ll cost $25 and we’re going to giveaway a Grandmaster to 1st pace and one as a random prize. The first 12 entrants will also get a Mind Gem (the last one to complete your Infinity Gauntlets)!

One more thing, we’re trying to find a day/tme for a Chaos War Launch Party. Right now, Saturday, July 14 is looking good but we’ll have to confirm that day/time.

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