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Comicbook Shipping Delay: November 19, 2013!

Crying Baby


Just got an email from Diamond Comics (our distributor) stating the comic shipment scheduled to arrive Wednesday, November 20, 2013 has been tentatively delayed until Friday, November 22, 2013! =(

What happened was this: the truck that all of our comics were on got into an accident and the insurance company is holding onto the truck to assess damage. Diamond and everyone involved is doing the best that they can and this is a problem that ALL comic stores in Edmonton will have (not localized to just us).

Again, very sorry for the delay and hope to have all of the comics on Friday (but it may not be until Monday before they arrive).

Here is a link listing all of the delayed comics:

And, here is a copy of the email that got sent out to all Edmonton comic stores:



Dear Valued Diamond Customer:

The truck carrying this week’s shipment to the Edmonton drop point is
still being held by the insurance company to assess damage and the
safety of the vehicle.  We currently estimate that it will deliver to
Edmonton in time for customers to be able to pick-up sometime on Friday,
November 22.  Please be advised that this information is subject to
change and Diamond will email you with any new updates as we receive

If you receive store delivery via courier, our current estimations of
arrival dates means your shipment will not deliver until early next
week.  Therefore, if you would like to pick this shipment up at the drop
point (assuming the current Friday pick up estimation holds) so you have
it before the weekend please notify your customer service representative
and we can arrange that for you. 

If you have any questions please contact your Diamond customer service


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