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Steamroller 5: Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 12 Noon

Warmachine and Hordes players rejoice!

Our next Steamroller (tournament series) is set for Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 12 noon! This event will be using 35 point armies with 2 lists! Keep in mind a new Steamroller document is due out any day now, so our event may change ever so slightly. Once Privateer Press, posts that information we will update all of our event info too!


Roy Kim

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Steamroller 4: Saturday, November 26 at 12 Noon Edmonton St. Albert

Like iPhones and all things Apple, our Steamroller events have moved on (evolved?) into it’s latest, and I hope “best”, iteration: Steamroller 4.

Over the past 3 Steamrollers, we’ve learned a ton of stuff- we experimented and made changes to our system and over the course of time come up with a solid event system that I think works very well.

What can you look forward to? What does your $20 entry fee buy?

*3 rounds of play with random scenarios from the most current Steamroller document (revealed at the start of each round)

*Free lunch with 2 free cans of pop! It’s too cold to BBQ, so we’ll be cooking up meatball sandwiches!

*Prizes, Prizes, and more Prizes! Depending on the number of entrants we’ll have prizes for the Top 3; including Certificates and Trophies (min 16)! Random prizes (“Grind” Boardgame!)! Prizes for Best Sportsman (you can only vote for someone you previously played) and Best Painted Army!

Even if you’re a new player, you’re welcome to check us out!

We start at 12 noon and please register in advance (via email: [email protected]) by sending me your 2 lists of 50 point armies.




Warmachine Hordes

Privateer Press New Releases Are Here!

The stars have aligned themselves and our shipment has arrived on time!

New Releases from Privateer Press for the month of November?

We have:

*Domination SC
*Domination HC
*Epic Hexeris
*Epic Baldur
*Sturm and Drang

If you’re looking for any or all, please call me as soon as possible and I will do my best to have them ready for you. We have a limited quantity of Hexeris and Baldur for now (the rest of them arrive Friday). If you play any of the Hordes factions, I strongly recommend picking up the new “Domination“book just to see the new models coming our way in 2011/2012!

Looks like “No Quarter” #39 will ship later this month (I do not have an eta).

Remember: Steamroller (50 pts) is coming up Saturday, November 26 at 12 noon!

Roy Kim