Warmachine Hordes

Privateer Press New Releases Are Here!

The stars have aligned themselves and our shipment has arrived on time!

New Releases from Privateer Press for the month of November?

We have:

*Domination SC
*Domination HC
*Epic Hexeris
*Epic Baldur
*Sturm and Drang

If you’re looking for any or all, please call me as soon as possible and I will do my best to have them ready for you. We have a limited quantity of Hexeris and Baldur for now (the rest of them arrive Friday). If you play any of the Hordes factions, I strongly recommend picking up the new “Domination“book just to see the new models coming our way in 2011/2012!

Looks like “No Quarter” #39 will ship later this month (I do not have an eta).

Remember: Steamroller (50 pts) is coming up Saturday, November 26 at 12 noon!

Roy Kim

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