If the good people at Wizkids/Neca know one thing; it’s how to make GREAT Heroclix sets!

Their latest Marvel expansion focuses on the more cosmic side of things with characters like Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom (after he stole Silver Surfer`s Surfboard), a Celestial, Morg (a herald of Galactus) and Galactus himself!

Galactic Guardians is sold in 5 figure booster packs and in bricks of 8 boosters with one SUPER booster! Super boosters are approx twice the size of a normal booster and contain colossal size figures (like Galactus!)!

Get in on the fun!

We`re hosting a Launch Party this Wednesday, April 18 at 6 PM!

It`ll be $24 to enter (the cost of 2 boosters) and we will have 4 Limited Editions (LE) to give away (Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Hulk)! First Place will get first choice, Second Place will get second choice and then we`ll do 2 separate random draws for the remaining 2 LE figures!

Want to try out Heroclix? Send me an email and we can setup a meeting time!

April 14, 2012, 9:42 pm o'clock

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