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Eldar Launch Delay!


Hope everyone is well and enjoying the mild weather!
I have some bad news for you. =(
First, I am so sorry but I will not be in town for the Eldar LAUNCH scheduled for this weekend (June 1)! I booked a flight and purchased an event pass in March 2013 for a convention called Lock And Load. I honestly had no idea that GW was going to relaunch the Eldar until 7 days ago when my sales rep sent me a solicitation. Please understand that this was NOT intentional and NOT a slight nor was it a snub to you or the 40K community! I hired a young fellow in March/April, but things were not progressing well and had to fire him. I am so sorry I couldn’t make this work for you all! I will be making changes when I get back to avoid anything even remotely close to this.
Second, GW is allocating my initial order- meaning, I will NOT be able to fill all of the preorders that were placed in the last 7 days. Know that this is not me being malicious or selflish- I will not have enough product because GW is portioning out all Product Launches going forward. I will be contacting everyone that placed a preorder after I write this post, and confirming which items I can get for them, but in truth the only thing that I may have to sell (if I were here on the weekend) are a couple codicies and maybe a repack. All of the “new” models are currently spoken for. There is no solid date for when I will have more “new” releases and there are no solid numbers that I (or GW) can guarantee either. The only timeline I have is “3 weeks” which my sales rep said is when she MAY have more for me.
This is not something that is localized to just me and my business. ALL independent retailers that carry GW product will be allocated a portion of GW’s new releases starting immediately (until they change their business model). It is going to be difficult for you to find a place that doesn’t have their allocation already spoken for and I hope no one gets gouged online by high prices.
I’m not here to hurt anyone. Nor do I want to anger or upset any of you. Please give me chance to work all of this out for you and make it up to you. If you want me to cancel your preorder and get you your money back, I will completely understand.
I don’t have any ill will towards GW- I don’t hate them at all. Product allocations are a sign of strength- they can’t produce enough models to meet the incredible demand they have for their game! Every manufacturer on the planet wishes they had this problem! If we can just stay together, we can get through this!
Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you all soon!



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