Cosmic Game Balance:

Everyone wishes that they’d win the lottery. In gamer terms, Jon And David did just that. Last week, they each purchased a display of WoW CCG boosters here and got… An ultra rare (an Epic card) in every pack! Normally, there would be two, maybe three, Epic cards in a display- they each got 24! Congrats, guys!On a different note, Jeremy purchased some “10th Edition” Magic and got… A basic land in place of the rare in each of his packs! Not to worry though, we replaced all of his “defective” packs with packs that have rares- I guess every manufacturing company has some failure/defect rate, even Wizards Of The Coast (WOTC).

So, two defective products in one week: one positive (Jon and David) and the other not so positive (Jeremy). If something like this has happened to you, tell us about it!